Almost two years ago I was sat on a life coaching and NLP weekend seminar. One of the exercises we did was very simple yet very profound. It required us to list what is it that we want to change in our lives right now. And if we didn’t change it, how would our lives be in 3, 6, 12 months and 3 years in the future. Take a few minutes and try this yourself now. When I did it, I did not like what I saw. Not at all!

The power of this exercise is in breaking the habit of passing through life day by day and continuously ignoring the fact that change must brought in. Even when you know you’re not content, . Often times I used to catch myself thinking, if only I worked out for forty minutes everyday like I decided I will three months ago. Or if only I studied French for 10 minutes each day like I promised myself I will 2 years ago. Things would have been certainly very different by now.

Another reason why I hated what I saw in my future was because of the lack of passion. I was doing a job that I enjoyed, it paid good money, but I was never really excited about it. I wanted to do something I’m passionate about. And passion for different people could mean different things. For me personally, it was something that got me jumping out of bed in the morning filled with energy and excitement to go do whatever it is that I’m meant to be doing. Or it was something that kept me up late at night reading, planning or researching about whatever it is that I’m passionate about and then when I go to bed, I’d be dreaming about it. I wanted to find out what my passion is really badly. And whenever I met someone who’s passionate about something I’d ask: how did you find it? How do you know that’s truly it? I never got a satisfying answer!

Last night, I got it. I found my passion. For a few hours my entire being was shaken to the core, my limbs went numb and I was jumping around with excitement sharing my revelation with my friends and celebrating with them. It was truly one of the best moments in my life yet. And now I know many better moment are to come.

I’d like to think that I did it all on my own. That the soul searching that I’ve embarked on for the past three years has finally paid off. I’d like to think that it’s the fruit of my labor spending endless hours talking to people about what passion is, trying to understand it, and figuring out how to find it. Or maybe it’s the result of endless days and nights going out and trying new things and keeping myself open to experiences, ideas and suggestions. Of course that all helped and it was one hell of a ride. In fact, I remember this one time when I went sky diving. I was attached to my instructor and we were parachuting down when in midair I asked him: have you ever felt bored doing this everyday for the past 13 years? You see, I was always petrified of the idea of committing myself to one thing for too long, be it a job, an activity or a partner because I lacked the passion and I knew I’d get bored and just drop it and walk away. Not anymore.

All that I’ve done in the pursuit of finding my passion helped immensely, but I did forget one key component and that’s why it took me so long. For the past three years, I’ve been going on this journey on my own without any mentoring, guidance or coaching. Last Sunday however was different. When I discovered my passion, I was at another weekend identical to the one I was on two year ago. And with one of the best coaches in the world, standing there, asking the right questions and guiding us through the appropriate coaching processes, my passion suddenly dawned on me. It’s one of the most fulfilling feelings I’ve experienced yet.

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