So Tired

Do you sometimes feel like you’re busting your hump without getting any significant results? Have you ever stopped to think why that is and how you can change this?

Generally speaking, hard workers are intelligent enough to notice when their labor is not producing a desired outcome. But for some reason some would still keep at it. Working hard and not achieving much. It makes one wonder, why on earth would someone do that. Why would anyone keep working hard even when it’s obvious they’re not getting anywhere?! There is no benefit to that!

Or is there?

so tired

I have a friend whose idea of hard work is torturing himself; literally. He once told me: “to be successful at creating a business, you must be like a soldier, aggressive and never mind the hardship”. That, by the way, is something I almost completely agree with. What I don’t agree with, is creating the hardship out of nowhere. And I’m going to tell you in a moment why some people do that.

We’ve all heard of the saying: “Work smart, not hard”. Allow me to modify this a little bit to something else: “work hard only if you’re working smart”.

Working hard might not get you anywhere. Working smart might get you somewhere. Working hard and smart will get you anywhere.

Imagine this scenario. Let’s assume you’re a fruit trader and you want to purchase some watermelons (it’s the season for watermelons but feel free to replace it with anything you like). You know this farmer know sells great fruit. Only he happens to be 300 KM away. All you really need to do is place an order and the farmer will happily deliver the fruits. Simple.

So you print out the purchase order, sign it, stamp it, hop in the car and drive 300 KM to personally hand the farmer your order. On the way there, you feel tired so you nap in your car. You’re hungry so you stop at some dodgy place and have a weird dish of something that makes you sick. You spend the day driving and come back tired, hungry and smelly. But because yo have been through all that, you feel a sense of achievement. Like a victorious soldier who just won a battle.

For some people, just faxing or emailing that PO might have not given them the same sense of achievement. And this is why some will unconsciously create hardship for themselves so they can feel that they have worked hard and accomplished something. But in reality they never do. Deep down inside they know they have accomplished very little. So the next time they try harder and harder until they break down, having achieved no satisfactory results.

Luckily avoiding this is simple. All you to do is:

1-      Notice when this happens. Notice when you’re working hard and not reaching your desired outcomes. This is a major indicator that something is not right and that change is necessary.

 2-      Before you do something ask yourself: “Is this the fastest most efficient way I can do that?” If that answer is yes, proceed. If not…

3-      Ask for help and/or advice. There’s no shame in asking for help or advice. But make sure you ask someone who’s been there and done that. Don’t ask uncle Joey who’s never been successful cutting a watermelon open let alone trading with tonnes of it! More about why this is crucially important in a previous post, How Smart People Operate here.

I hope this saves you some of the hardship that my friend and I have been through and helps you reach your goals much faster than I did.

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