Imagine you want to become a certified skydiver. What’s the best thing to do?


a) read a book on skydiving then jump

 b) ask friends or family how to do it

c) get a certified trainer with thousands of jumps under his/her belt to teach you

Unless you’re high, and I don’t mean in an aircraft at cruising altitude, you’ll go for option C.

So why is it that the bulk of people, would NOT choose option C when it comes to life decisions?!

Leave a comment let us know why you think that is.

Allow me to elaborate…

A young individual would like to become a successful ____ (fill in the blank).

Choice A takers:

A big section of people in this situation would try to carve their own paths. They wouldn’t talk to anyone, they wouldn’t ask anyone, they would start on their own and that’s if they get the courage to start. They have the I-want-to-do-it-on-my-own attitude thinking that they want to prove themselves to the world by succeeding without anyone’s help.

What happens to these people you ask? (Much) more often than not, they fail.


Choice B takers:

The other big portion of people will ask friends and family for advice although they know their friends and family might not be the best people to ask. They allow the advice to influence them and sometimes even guide them.

What happens to these people you ask? (Much) more often than not, they fail.

Choice C takers:

These are the ones who truly learn from others’ successes and failures. In other words, they are the ones we consider to be smart, intelligent and bright. They seek help, advice and mentorship not from those who claim can do but from those who have been there and done that, time and time again. Do they necessarily have to have a higher IQ than you or I? Not at all. It’s just that they chose the smart path rather than the ego-driven one where “I want to prove myself by myself”.

What happens to these people you ask? They become the ones others look up to.

So next time we’re facing a challenge, trying to reach a goal or overcome and obstacle, we know we have three options

A) dive in head first hoping we’ll land safely

B) ask irrelevant people

C) get guidance from someone who’s been there and done that

The choice is yours

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