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If you’re starting up as a life coach or any form of business that particularly requires constant interaction with others, there are a number of thing you should simply not do. They’re very common sense but I keep seeing people messing them up time and time again. Leave a comment below, let us know your opinion and share this post with your friends.

How many times have you stopped going to a restaurant just because their staff aren’t friendly enough? On the other hand, how many times you’ve been to a restaurant that isn’t necessarily the best in town, but they treat you like royalty the moment you step in?

People like dealing with people they like. If you’re into business providing any product or service and your potential clients don’t like you, you’re in deep trouble. That’s especially true, if you’re the one doing the selling.

After my experience with over 60 estate agents recently, here are a few things you can do to set your potential clients running in the opposite direction and never wanting to do business with you:

1-      Look like crap. You should dress for success, frankly, only when you want to be successful. But if you don’t, you must look like you’ve been living in a WWII trench for the past 3 months. It’s also encouraged to smell like a rat that died as a result of chain smoking. This could go a long way to help you repulse people. So to make sure it works, always have a cigarette dangling from your mouth even when you’re with a client.

2-      Smiling is frowned upon. If you’ve done any NLP training you’ll know that 38% of the meaning of your communication is in your tonality. And when you smile, even if it’s over the phone, your smile WILL be heard.  So you must be as grim and grumpy as possible and it will come across. This is key to driving clients away as normally clients are more attracted to smiley people – which you don’t want to be classified as one!

3-      Don’t listen. After all whatever you have to say is much more important than what others or your clients have to say. Interrupt them, don’t let them finish and interject with your thoughts and opinions because they’re more important that your clients’. I mean, you’re the know all and be all and everyone should be fully attentive to your verbal diarrhoea.

4-      Don’t make people and especially your clients feel special. That’s an absolute no no if you want to repulse them. You must make them feel like they’re the servants to your holiness. If your phone rings while in mid conversation answer it. Even if you feel like making a call, make it. Forget their names. Ignore what they want. And just treat them like a random name on a piece of paper not like people. Because they’re not people. They’re bags of money and that’s what you’re after.

5-      Have zero etiquette and business manners. Never introduce yourself, it’s perfectly normal to be talking for 20 minutes and not know each other’s names. Coming to think about it, names are overused. Never use pleasantries. Why say thank you and please? You’re the king/queen and they must obey your every command. Never be courteous. It’s absolutely fine to be eating and making loud chewing noises while talking to your clients.

6-      Lie. That’s a big one and is sure to help you repulse people and especially clients. Lie through your teeth. Even if it’s obvious that your client has done their homework and they know you’re not telling the truth, keep lying. After all who knows, one of you might start believing your lies and it’s probably going to be you.

Do you have any more tips on how to lose clients and repulse people? Please share them in the comment box below.

There you have it. Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list, but if you stick to these few tips and make sure you practice them well enough, you’ll be losing clients and repulsing people in no time, guaranteed. And even if you have the best product or service in the world, you’ll notice your clients migrating to your competitors. That’s when you know you’ve been successful in losing them and you can then go back to smoking in your trench happily ever after.


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  1. Sue jaques
    Sue jaques11-18-2010

    Hi Tarek
    I would definitely go for the amazing flat despite the not so good agent as I would be living in the flat and not with the agent!!
    Btw it was very hard to hear your podcast as it was very echoey.
    Hope you’ll soon be moved in and settled.

  2. Tarek

    Hi Sue,

    Sorry about the echo. The flat was still unfurnished and empty and hence echoey 🙂

  3. Dollie

    Your articles are for when it absolutely, poistively, needs to be understood overnight.

  4. Irais

    Home run! Great slgugnig with that answer!

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