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A few days ago as I was leaving a meeting SMSs started pouring in; radio channels were mourning and so were TV channels. A sheikh in the UAE passed away. I have to be honest, I’ve never heard of the man before. Still,  the impact of his death had a profound effect on me.

I’ve been in the UAE for a couple months now, working my back side off, setting up a business. There’s a gorgeous 2 km long virgin beach a few miles behind my place that I‘ve only discovered a week ago! Why? Because I’ve been so engrossed in work. Why? Because I want to be super rich. Great! Then what?

… I’m going to die!

The sheikh’s death was a huge wakeup call. It got me thinking, a man of such position, his loss mourned by the rulers of the country, has left the world. He’s a royalty, he’s a billionaire (I can only guess), he’s a lot of things that almost everyone I know dreams of being and he’s now gone for good. And what did he take with him? I couldn’t help but ask myself.

Then I thought: “what about what am I going to take with me?”

Have you ever thought about what is it that you can take with you to the grave? Of the family, friends, billions of dollars, investments, properties, cars, fame and all of the other things that we spend our lives running after… what is it that you can take with you to the grave?

The pharaohs believed in after life. This is why they were buried with their treasures and sometimes their servants. They believed they’re going to need this in the second life. Thousands of years later, it doesn’t seem that these mighty kings have managed to take anything with them to wherever they are at the moment.

The train of questions continued and I asked myself: “If I died yesterday, what will I have left behind?”

Not much I have to say! And that’s why I’ve been working my back side off to become super rich. Because I believe (and that’s just a personal belief) having tons of money will help me create the change that I want to create in this world. And hopefully when I leave this world, it’ll be with a great legacy behind.

But here’s the thing. I was so absorbed in making money that I forgot why I’m doing this in the first place. The death of the sheikh was like a slap on the face… that stopped me in my tracks to refocus.  It calmed my frantic pursue of setting up a business and making money and it put things back in perspective. It reminded me why I’m doing this.

Why would you want to be super rich? Share with us in the comment box below.

Don’t you ever wonder? If you make it big, what are you going to do with your success? Is it just for big apartments, flashy cars and long yachts? Or do you have a legacy to leave behind?

Well… time to go to the beach!

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  1. Liz Scott
    Liz Scott02-28-2010

    I really enjoyed reading this. I’ve never really thought about what would happen if I died yesterday. I’m really interested in ‘success’ and what it means to different people. We often have an unchallenged belief about what success is and what it looks like. Often ‘being super rich’ falls into that category. However when I look at my life and success I realise I’m already very successful. I have a wonderful husband, I am living in a great part of the world, I’m able to work on Dartmoor every day (5 mins from house). Yes I am successful already. Thanks for getting me to think

    • Tarek

      You’re welcome Liz 🙂

      We’re often stuck in the race of life that all we do becomes a child of habit. But when we stop and think… we might realize that we’re actually successful already! So why not feel gratitude for this. Then move forward and take this success to another level.

  2. Houssam

    make a big Capital > Build Huge Organizations > Make them focused on Improving people > get outstanding people each with huge and clear vision to improve life > better community > Prize for all that >> Best level in Heavens in the second life.

    this is my goal

    • Tarek

      Houssam my friend this looks like a grand plan. I’ll pray for your success.

  3. Mais

    That was so deep.
    Yes becoming rich (for almost everybody) is always related to success and of course it gives a great sense of security too!
    You’re lucky to have this incident as a wakeup call, unfortunately some people go through a more “dramatic” incidents to stop, rethink and reach such realization

    • Tarek

      Mais, it’s really weird how death has become minor to many of us. Perhaps it’s because of all the killing we see in the news everyday… I don’t know. But I speak for myself when I say it still is “dramatic” enough for me. It’s a very good reminder that our time here will end, sooner or later. And we’d better make the most out of it.

  4. Mais

    Death is sad and dramatic of course, but let’s be honest, when it’s about someone we don’t know or haven’t ever met it doesn’t affect us the same way it does when it’s about a close person…specially those very dear ones!
    i don’t know about others, but at least that’s how i feel, maybe because i had to deal with the death of parent when i was only 7, so i stopped getting so touched when it happens to strangers…

  5. Kristy

    Thanks for writing such an easy-to-udnertsand article on this topic.

  6. Seston

    If your articles are always this helpful I’ll be back!

  7. Kierra

    This information is off the hiozol!

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