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This one isn’t really about NLP and life coaching as much as it is about performance. I have a few friends that own a number of email addresses. The ritual starts by them checking the first one, then the second, then the third, then their facebook, then twitter, then their text messages etc. And by the time they finish checking their last email account or device, they’re thinking: “what if during this time I got a new message?” and the cycle starts all over again! They waste hours and hours doing this!

london life coach splifVery recently, I came across a research employed by HP that warned of the rise of “informia”. That’s when you’re constantly checking emails, text messages and other forms of communication causing you to drop your intelligence without you even knowing. Research has shown that if you’re constantly distracted by emails and phone calls your IQ will potentially drop by 10 points. That’s more than twice the drop caused by smoking marijuana.

So here’ a few tips that I personally follow in the hope of maintaining my IQ 🙂

1-      Stay focused. I used to get distracted very easily especially when I’m working on my laptop. If I’m researching a topic I start clicking on interesting links and pictures and 30 minutes down the line I forget what I was looking for. Now I keep reminding myself to focus on what I want to get and only after I get it I allow myself to get distracted.london life coach clock

2-      Work in 2 hour chunks. This complements the first one. If you came across a YouTube video that you really want to watch; instead of watching it instantly, tell yourself that you’ll watch it as soon as the 2 hours are up. Trust it, you’ll enjoy it much more!

3-      Make the most out of it. If you stay focused in these two hours, your productivity will increase dramatically. However, if you distract yourself twice, you’ll lose an hour. Distract yourself four times and you’ve lost the two hours. This is because your mind needs around 30 minutes to get back into focus once it’s distracted.

4-      Procrastinate. Get in the habit of procrastinating answering your emails, text messages etc. when you’re in the two hour focus period. Chances are incredibly slim that someone is going to text you or email you if it’s an emergency. So don’t create a fake sense of urgency for yourself.

5-      Delete. This might sound a bit extreme but I learned it from a time management consultant. How would you deal with 347 unread emails in your inbox? Delete them ALL. If whoever emailed has something important they want you to know, they’ll send it again.

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  1. Bob Marley
    Bob Marley12-09-2009

    Makes your music far less amazing as well.

    Moral of the story? Stop twittering and smoke a fat one 😉

    • Tarek

      lol whatever makes you feel smarter my friend 😉

  2. Auto Flowering Seeds
    Auto Flowering Seeds04-07-2010

    Nice write-up, I liked reading through it. Discovered you on yahoo, really useful webpage, I have book-marked it to stay updated. Keep up the good work. Take care. Amy

    • Tarek

      Hey Amy,

      I’m glad you like it 🙂

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