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This morning I got an email from a very dear friend of mine. She’s been diagnosed of having a disease that confines her to her house. Whenever I hear about something bad happening to someone I love my mind wanders. I can’t help but ask, why is this happening. And I wonder if it really is bad? Or could it be that describing something “bad” is purely subjective?

I wrote a long post sharing a personal story of mine in the hope of getting my view across. Then I decided to delete it. I thought this topic is much bigger than the events that happened in my life. And it’s much bigger than what I can communicate in one blog post using my own words. Instead I’m going to share with you a couple other stories about two men and let them do the talking. One of them, when I saw his YouTube video for the first time, I found it very touching.

His name is Nick Vujicic. Without warning, he was born a perfectly healthy boy, only without limbs. Today he’s an international motivational speaker addressing topics that challenge teenagers. This YouTube video was my first introduction to Nick.

The second is Sean Stephenson who I’ve found about a good few years back. Known as the 3 foot giant, Sean was expected to die at birth. Today he’s a motivational speaker having shared the platform with the likes of Tony Robbins and having received praise from Bill Clinton. He is an incredible human being, a great inspiration and leaves no one an excuse not to get off their butts and live a grand life. This is his website I encourage you to have a look at his work.

I now am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Even terrible, horrible things, they happen for a reason. And it’s what we choose to do after such incidents hit that makes the difference. Some choose to surrender and slowly diminish into nothing and nobody. It starts with feeling anxious, then scared then feeling pitiful, resentful and eventually angry until before they know it, life has passed them.

life coach london tangueraSome on the other hand take what others perceive as “bad” or as a weakness and turn it into their greatest strength. They become and inspiration and motivation and even people who are much healthier or “luckier” look up to them.

I know that my friend is one of those people that will transform her illness into great strength. And I’m confident that she’s going to kick this illness’ butt. And so I ask you to please join me and pray for her speedy recovery. No pity. Just prayers.

Until next time,

Tarek N

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  1. CG

    I have some adorable and unbelivable strong people in my live and I’m not a whimperer at all but Nick made me sniff. However, all my best wishes and thoughts to your friend! May she grow even stronger like a tree after it’s cut back.

  2. Tarek

    Thanks CG, you’re the best 🙂

  3. Dania DD
    Dania DD01-25-2010

    I’ll keep your friend in my prayers. Indeed, amidst adversity, lies opportunity. I wonder what she will discover? 🙂


    • Tarek

      Thanks Dania 🙂 I’m sure she’ll discover many beautiful things. She’s a wonderful person.

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