We’ve all heard this before: “seeing is believing”. In other words, we should believe only what we see. But have you ever stopped to consider how accurate this concept is?

As human beings we continuously experience and believe things that we do no see. And we do this every minute of every day. We experience the air we breath, we experience the pain we feel we experience the presence of something bigger and more powerful than us that many believe is God. So refusing to believe in something without seeing it we might be limiting ourselves to little options in a world full of possibilities.

Believing is seeing

I was listening to an interview with an astounding individual by the name of Sean Stephenson yesterday. And Sean explained how the concept of ‘seeing is believing’ is one of the biggest misconceptions on the planet. Instead, Sean said that it should be the other way around. It should be: ‘believing is seeing’. He went on to explain that when we truly believe in something, we are bound to see it materialise.

And it suddenly all made sense to me! In previous blog posts we discussed the power of creation that our minds posses. And in this post we’ll go into a deeper understanding of the topic and visit examples of  and incredibly successful individual; Richard Branson.

Island shoppinglondonlifecoach-island

Richard Branson has a brilliant story that he once shared. He talked about when first starting out as an entrepreneur how he always wanted to buy an island. And one time he actually went shopping for an island, even though he was completely broke. The sales man took Richard Branson on a helicopter ride showing him the different islands to choose from. Of course the moment the sales man knew that Richard Branson was broke was the end of the ride. But it was the beginning of a belief turning into reality.

At heart, Richard Branson always believed that he will have an island one day. He believed in it so truly that he went shopping for it and it didn’t matter that he was broke at the time. Then the time came when this dream manifested itself into reality. And what Branson once believed, he now sees.

Self appointed

That trait is found not in Branson alone but in all highly successful people; these people that are self appointed. They believe in their success and operate from the psychology and physiology of success and eventually it becomes their reality. What’s equally important is to understand that if someone is not self appointed, and if that someone gets appointed by someone else, their success will most likely not last. Why?

Take the example of lottery winners who always dreamt about becoming millionaires but all they did is settle down for buying the lottery everyday. If one day they got lucky and won, there is statistically an 80% chance that they would lose their money in 5 years time. Why? Because they didn’t believe they are millionaires in the first place, even when they actually saw it. Which eventually leads them to wasting their money because they don’t believe they deserve it.

If you do not believe in your success and you become successful, you will drive yourself to loosing it. If on the other hand you’ve always believed in you success and you took action, you are bound to see your success becoming a reality.

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    Randell Dilsaver07-26-2010

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    Mary Dugue07-29-2010

    Great data source and an easy read. I am glad ive found your website because it will helpmy study of . The map is definately not the territory!Not too certain if i should be following the Grinder or Bandler college of NLP now

  3. Kristen

    You have some of the absolute best thoughts I’ve heard in a long time. All very logical, with a sprinkle of imagination to make things alive. I’m reading post after post. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with people who, in my case, lack in complete understanding and not just keeping these things to yourself.

    • Tarek

      Kristen thank you so much for you very kind words. I’m flattered and humbled 🙂

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