Last night I went to bed at 2am. At 3:30 not getting an eye shut I got up and got myself busy. My brain was buzzing and I just couldn’t sleep. And when I watched this video today it really struck a chord with me. It’s full of incredibly valuable lessons and I’m sure you’re going to take a lot of value from it.

It’s about a brain scientist, Dr. Jill Bolte Tailor, who on the morning of Dec 10 1996 experienced a stroke when a blood vessel exploded in the left hemisphere of her brain. The left hemisphere of our brain that thinks linearly and methodically and that is responsible for our identity was silenced in her head. It is then when the internal chatter stopped and she got immediately captivated by the magnificence of the energy around her.

Imagine what it would be like to be completely disconnected from your brain chatter. All the stresses, anger, and relationship problems… everything completely silenced. Imagine what it would feel like to lose all the past years of emotional baggage.

Watch the astonishing story of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor as she talks about her experience watching as her brain functions shut down one by one: motion, speech, memory, self-awareness…

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