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life coach london - tatum onealTatum O’neal is a Hollywood actress best known for being the youngest Oscar winner at age ten. On June 1, 2008 she was arrested for allegedly buying crack cocaine near her apartment. She went through the horrific experience of being publicly exposed by the media and judged by an entire nation. All that was preceded by a divorce and losing custody of her children. Almost a year later after the arrest, she says she’s very grateful that all this has happened to her.

You must be thinking, how could she be grateful?!

How could someone having gone through such horrendous experiences be grateful for any of this? Before I answer this question, let me ask you… have you ever had something happen to you that you didn’t want happen, only to later find out that it had happened for your own good?

Let me give you an example…

I know many employees who want to start their own business. And even though they have the skills and the resources to do this, they haven’t summoned the courage to leave the comfort and stability of their full time job. I know because I was one of them. Until I was made redundant. But surely being made redundant is horrible you must think! Of course it was uncomfortable. But it also was the catalyst to my independence. It was the push I needed to set on my own and start my London life coaching and NLP practice. If I weren’t made redundant would I have still made it as a life coach in London? Sure, but it would’ve definitely took me much longer.

And that’s what happened to Tatum O’neal. She knew she was in trouble and she needed help. She knew she couldn’t get out of her addiction on her own and that something bigger must happen to help her out. That’s why what it took is her getting arrested, spending time in jail and public humiliation to overcome her addiction. And that’s why right now, looking back at all the past events, she’s grateful that all this had happened.

A couple days ago Tiger Woods lost an 8 million pounds sponsorship deal because of his latest scandal. Different women are makinglife coach london - tiger woods allegations of having had sexual encounters with him. He’s now forced to take an indefinite leave from golf to work on his marriage. At the first glance, this sounds horrible. But there will come a time, when Tiger Woods will look back at all this and realise that it all happened for a greater reason. And for that he will be grateful.

Now the question is, did Tiger Woods intentionally; whether consciously or unconsciously, cause the car accident to happen?

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  1. Dianne Hoffart
    Dianne Hoffart04-07-2010

    I am glad that Tiger Woods is back playing. It makes the game thrilling once more.

  2. Epifania Yule
    Epifania Yule04-23-2010

    Wow, that’s extremely nice information, appreciated.

  3. single parent
    single parent04-24-2010

    Good point . You are absolutely right.

  4. public golf
    public golf04-27-2010

    The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you cant see him laughing. (Quote by) Phyllis Diller

  5. Brendan Allgeier
    Brendan Allgeier05-11-2010

    I’ve just subscribed to your RSS feed. I love your content.

  6. Man Urquhart
    Man Urquhart05-23-2010

    Good post, it’s always good to read about Tiger. I just wish that fans would concentrate on his skills and accomplishments as a golf player instead of his private issues.

  7. Jermaine Custance
    Jermaine Custance05-24-2010

    Finally a great post, another one bites the dust! I absolutely love your blog.

  8. Adrienne Grims
    Adrienne Grims05-26-2010

    Great rticle, I think Tiger Woods wife should not give him some time to sort things out. Very little people in the world can handle the kind of seduction that is put in front of him on a level that he receives.

  9. Generisches Kaufen
    Generisches Kaufen06-06-2010

    You raise some very interesting points, thanks for taking the time to write this post. I’ll show my friend this as well to get his opinion. Thanks.

  10. Millard Busalacchi
    Millard Busalacchi06-07-2010

    Thanks so much for the blog article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

  11. Diego Filyan
    Diego Filyan06-08-2010

    This article was very topical. Thanks for sharing this one.

  12. Venus Reinitz
    Venus Reinitz06-15-2010

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

  13. Lu Six
    Lu Six06-16-2010

    I wonder if Tiger Woods will standup to Ernie Els and Wayne Westwood this US Open 2010 on Pebble Beach, with all this stories about his still going around. 🙂

  14. Eugenio Hayer
    Eugenio Hayer07-01-2010

    You wouldn¡¯t believe it but I¡¯ve wasted all day digging for some articles about this. You¡¯re a lifesaver, it was an excellent read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers,

    • Tarek

      Glad I could help Eugenio 🙂

  15. Ian Henderson
    Ian Henderson07-04-2010

    Tiger Woods is a very good golfer but his reputation as a cheating husband made him a bad character.~’*

  16. Rusty Nania
    Rusty Nania07-08-2010

    Hey…thanks for that. Neat content. I’ll be coming back soon for more updates. Excellent!

  17. Rosenda Kock
    Rosenda Kock07-09-2010

    I totally agree. That is pretty much how I see it. Excellent!

  18. Tyree Raimo
    Tyree Raimo07-09-2010

    Fascinating! But you might want to check your comments more often. You seem to be getting hit some dodgy comments. I had a similar problem myself. So these days I go over everything carefully.

    • Tarek

      Thanks for the heads up Tyree. I’ll look into it.

  19. Hong Mundie
    Hong Mundie07-17-2010

    Very good stuff at your blog. I recommend this to anyone interested in dating science and social science in general. It can be used inapplications that are expansive, in all areas of life.

  20. Karty Kredytowe
    Karty Kredytowe07-19-2010

    Great Blog. I add this Post to my bookmarks.

  21. Keesha Chalow
    Keesha Chalow07-26-2010

    Seems like the Tiger Woods scandal has not done him too much damage. He still earned $90 million last year!

  22. Kizzy Blumenfeld
    Kizzy Blumenfeld08-04-2010

    Wherever can it be, i’d like to read much more about this particular posting, thanks.

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    karty kredytowe08-07-2010

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

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