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There are more guides on what do to if you’re single on valentine’s day than there are single men and women!

I don’t get what the fuss is all about. I really don’t. So you’re single on valentine’s day. What’s the big deal?!

Sure, when I was in a relationship I used to enjoy choosing a gift for my ex-partner, spending the evening together and doing all the “valentiney” stuff. Now that I’m single, I only remembered its valentine’s day a couple days ago!

Yet, there are people who embarked on a mission to find a date for valnetine’s since last Christmas. And if God forbid, they have failed, they’d go shopping for cats in preparation for a lifelong of loneliness. Even when they’re only 16 years old!

How this day affects you is directly proportional to how much importance you assign to it.

Imagine one day your boss calls you in to his office and out of the blue says: “you suck!” My guess is that you will be surprised, then feel down, get intensely worried and start polishing your CV in hoping to find a new job. You’ll treat this very seriously.

Now imagine you’re going home and a homeless man at the corner of a street shouts at you: “you suck!” I’m sure you’d brush it off in a second and totally forget it even happened in two seconds.

Why is that?

Put simply, it’s because your boss has much more perceived value in your eyes than the homeless man. What your boss says or does can hold significant consequences onto your life because that’s what your experience has taught you so far AND because you let it. Similarly, your experience has taught you that the homeless man has no significant impact on your life.

Letting the fact that you’re single on valentine’s day get to you is you saying: “valentine’s day is my boss and it’s telling me I suck”.

You should, on the other hand, be saying: “valentine’s day is my bum!” and treat it just like any other day.

How would you treat valentine’s differently thinking of it just like any other day? Let us know in the comment box below.

Personally, I would love it!

Today is Sunday and on Sundays I usually sleep till noon, get up, have a massive breakfast that usually includes sweets (today’s was chocolate and cherry, naughty me!), and then go back to bed! I spend the day lazing around, watching DVD’s and doing nothing much. In the evening I hang out with my friends so we can all relax together and recharge ourselves in preparation for a new week. You see why I love Sundays!

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  1. CG

    …which fuzz? until you just reminded me I didn’t know it’s V-day! You know, it’s also James Cook’s 231st anniversary of death-so why not plan a trip like he would probably have done if not dying.
    However, maybe some make a fuzz about it, but if you don’t have telly and look out for it – true, I can recall there were more flowers and some pretty chocolate boxes on offer in the supermarket yesterday – you can actually get away without it. Since I went for phishfood frozen yoghurt instead I’m looking forward to a relaxed evening with friends and movies after a days hard work 😉

    • Tarek

      CG, nothing in Cambs would produce a fuss! Ahhhh I miss this place 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed the movies!

  2. Mais

    Valentine’s day is a totally commercial event..all about buying red roses and gifts! at least that’s how i see it! :)perhaps i used to care very much about it in my teen years, but not any more..
    and anyways, who said it should be limited to a man/woman special relationship?
    why can’t we enjoy it with our family, best friends and all those close ones?
    they are people we love after all..
    On that day, a friend of mine sent me a message saying:
    For all my single friends, Happy independence day!!
    found it funny 😀

    • Tarek

      lol! I like it 😀 I’ll make sure to remember this for the next Vday

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