A few nights ago I was out with a good friend of mine, let’s call her Nikki, when she was approached by a few men who let’s say aren’t particularly of her preferred calibre or soberness for that matter. And she couldn’t help but wonder: “why does this always happen?”

The fact of the matter is that Nikki’s situation isn’t uncommon. When I was doing my London life coaching and NLP training a lady volunteered for a stage demo while we learned a therapeutic process. The therapeutic process was to help her resolve a residing issue that was similar but opposite to Nikki’s. Where a certain type of men appears to be attracted to Nikki, the other lady felt attracted to a certain type of men.

Even though both situations are exactly opposite, they stem from the same roots. And if you’re in a similar place, this post will give you a better understanding why you always attract or are attracted to <fill in the blank>.

Before we start, it’s important to clarify that this isn’t aimed at women only. I know a couple male friends that seem to always be attracted to the wrong type of women. The following applies to both, men and women equally.

Respect thyself

I’m sure that if a friend of yours was attracted to a jerk you wouldn’t hesitate for a second in telling her what she’s doing wrong. And I’m sure that at some point you’ve wondered why is it that when you were in similar situations you found it difficult to get yourself out of it. But have you ever asked yourself, would you have found it difficult in the past if at that time you had the self respect, self esteem and/or self confidence that you have now?

When you don’t have the self respect, you’ll allow men or women to treat you in ways that are way below what you believe is your standard. And even when you recognize this happening you do not stand up for yourself. Perhaps because you don’t have the confidence to say something. Maybe because you don’t want to risk losing what you have, even though it’s crap. Or it could be that at some level, you’ve convinced yourself that you deserve to be treated like crap.

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Imagine if…

… you have absolute self respect and high self esteem. How would you behave? Not only would you refuse to be associated to jerks in any way, shape or form, but you will also be a 100% confident that you will attract the right partner. Because you know that you absolutely deserve it, there is no question about it and that it’s going to happen. And you know what, it eventually happens.

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