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Just a quick story today. And please excuse my narration skills. I’m no writer 🙂

So a couple days ago I went to a governmental department to get some paper work done. Sitting there waiting for my turn I noticed something unusual about an employee. He was overly animated and smiley! Yep. A government employee, in a government department, who’s didn’t look like a preprogrammed monotonous robot. Being the curious man that I am, I had to figure out what was the deal.

Then it was my turn. After briefly chitchatting with the guy it was evident. I surprisingly declared to him: “you’ve got to be the most enthusiastic employee I’ve ever met!”

With a big grin, he replied: “Thanks! You’re number 29. Only one more to break my personal record!”

The guy was competing with himself. He then picked up the phone calling other employees asking if there’s anyone waiting in line so they could pass them to him. He really wanted to break the record!

When at times you were super enthusiastic about your job, what was it that motivated and drove you? Share it with us in the comment box below.

My curiosity just went through the roof! And I asked: “what is it that makes you excited about what you do?”

He answered: “it’s the people I work with. You can’t help but feel this way when deep down to your heart you’re comfortable working with the people around you”

I couldn’t help but shut my mouth and watch with fascination as he carried on with his job. The guy was an embodiment of a wisdom that millionaire entrepreneurs share with whoever seeks their knowledge. And here it is: If you’re an employer, only hire super stars. If you’re an employee, thrive to work with super stars.

In our friend’s case, it was the latter. He is a superstar, working with superstars fully implementing one of life coaching and NLP’s main rules for long lasting change: “create a supportive environment”.

Of course this is applicable to more than just the work environment. It applies to every relationship you create or maintain in your life. If you’re in a relationship that’s not serving your purpose and you’re not sure what to do, read the post titled ‘Are you stuck in a crabby relationship?’ here.

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Tarek N

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  1. Mais

    I can very much relate to this!
    I was surrounded by wonderful & supportive colleagues..all of them, specially the ones who worked with me in the same department.
    Honestly I’ve never been so happy and passionate about my work like I was back then. We’ve been through a lot together, and everything used to be a lot easier because we were very much like a family..(of course the appreciation of my managers was a great motivation too!)
    I used to think that being excited about work is a dream, and jumping out of bed every morning full of enthusiasm for work is just a huge myth, but I’ve experienced it and can’t tell you what a different person it made me…it enriched my experience and made me see myself and other people from a totally different prespective..

    • Tarek

      Well that sounds perfect! It’s unfortunate that not many experience the excitement that gets them jumping out of bed every morning to go work.

      I’m curious… if it was as great as it sounds, what made you move on?

  2. Mais

    well, to be honest i didn’t choose to…i was working for a real estate company and u must be familiar with what happened to real estate in UAE last year!
    company had to downsize and let go of so many people!

    • Tarek

      Sorry to hear that. And thank you for you honesty 🙂

      The good news is that the previous job gave you the experience of working with superstars. Something not many have experienced. And I’m sure that from now on you wouldn’t settle for less 😉

  3. Mais

    That’s true. It’s one of the reasons I don’t feel happy & motivated in my current job, not to mention the work itself, it’s not adding anything to my experience and it’s much less than what I want and can do, all this made me so disappointed and that’s why I decided to leave…
    It’s always interesting to observe people’s reaction when sharing such thoughts, some encourage me, others think I’m crazy and shouldn’t leave before finding another job first ….saying it’s not easy to find a job these days with the economic crisis and all…and of course I’ve thought about all this, and had all possible scenarios in mind…I won’t say I’m not scared (at least a little bit, and that’s why i’m talking about it here) but every passing day in my current job is a continues emotional and mental torture 🙂

  4. Tarek

    Sure it’s going to be scary! Every time you step out of a comfort zone you’ll feel the fear. That’s how you know you’re constantly growing 🙂

    When you have a couple minutes check this out:

    And I’d highly recommend you read the book if you haven’t.

    Do keep us posted how things go 🙂

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